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The metal tiles and panels of the clip in system are manufactured in 0.6mm., post painted aluminium and 0.6mm, post painted galvanized steel.

Typical module size is 600x600mm, creating a 5mm.“shadow gap” with the adjacent panels.
They are applied on a specific hidden structure, a roll formed 3mm.,thick profile by simply pressing the panel into the structure.

The system is suspended to the existing ceiling by means of a rigid 4mm. rod and pre-stressed steel spring. The perimeter of the false ceiling is finished with a special post painted steel.

Perforated panels combined with insulating materials are highly sound absorbent. They are a versatile architectural element suitable for all types of installation and a present a highly flexible solution.

Suspended ceilings with panels are easy to install and allow access to any overhead services resulting in rapid intervention and maintenance when needed.

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